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I’m a tea connoisseur, get me out of here!

June 23, 2010

So, the year abroad has improved me and changed me in ways undocumentable. But it’s ruined somethings too. One of those is my taste for tea.

For those of you who’ve ever had to make me tea, you might remember me being a bitch about it and insisting – sometimes rather rudely for the situation – that I make it myself. But what with all the coming here last August, being made ‘tea’ in restaurants and café (sometimes even tea that claimed to be English Breakfast Tea) and being disgusted by it, settling for tea made by until now unknown brands in Syria and so on, the delicacy of my taste buds has waned. And woe, woe is them!

Not even is it just that, but since then, I’ve started drinking tea at times I really, really wouldn’t have last year. Insisting, last year, on the tea ceremony staying a holy thing (often drinking it at around 10-12am after breakfast on those work days with Pol — I even converted Pol from a morning coffee drinker to a tea drinker! (perhaps I can’t take all the praise for that though…)) has gone flying out the window. Now, I find myself drinking tea all over the shop, sometimes two at a time, sometimes with… that is with my meal (what horror!) and even sometimes late into the night!

Luckily, though, it hasn’t spun too wildly out of control and I do still retain some of my former tea-drinking mores. For example, I don’t drink tea all day long (yet…) and I haven’t started drinking it as soon as I get up, like most of the British public do. So all is not lost.

I still hate coffee. And still enjoy the perfect cup of PG, brewed by my fair hand, but still…


Remember “etwas Leckeres”

January 15, 2010

Daniel walks into Göbes, a bakery round the corner from his house. He stands looking at the counter, having previously been greeted by pretty much ever member of staff in the place.

“Was darf’s sein?” (What can I get you?)

“Hmmm. Ich möchte ‘was Leckeres.” (Hmm. I’d like something yummy)

“Dann sind Sie bei uns richtig! Wie lecker soll’s sein?” (Then you’re in the right place! How yummy?)

laughing “Am leckersten.” (The yummiest)

“Hmm. Persönlich denk ich dieses ist heute sehr lecker. Davon kann ich Ihnen ne Scheibe geben, wenn Sie möchten?” (Hmm, I think this is very tasty today. I can give you a slice of that, if you’d like?)

“Dann nehm ich den. Auf Ihre Empfehlung!” (Ok, then I’ll take that. On your recommendation!)

“Ja! Es ist lecker. Aber nur wenn man sowas mag.” … “Ein Euro sechzig.” (Yep. It’s delicious. But only if you like that kind of thing … €1.60)

Daniel leaves.

Banter with women in bakeries. Good work. Turns out, it wasn’t that delicious. It’s a nice bakery though. And only just around the corner.

In other news: I’m in waiting-for-a-camera hell. That’s all.

Remember cornered beef?

October 9, 2009

Yeah, pictures are looking a bit sparse at the minute, right? Oh well. Deal with it. (I edited in this picture; it’s a close up of Banham’s socks).

So. I don’t want to be one of those annoying vegetarians who’s like, “UH-MY-GAWDDD LOOK HOW BLAH BLAH BLAH”, but I ate meat accidentally yesterday. And it was awful.

I went to Ana’s (she’s a Bosnian girl) birthday shindig last evening (is it me, or does everyone have their birthday in October? *points at self*). She’d cooked some pizzas, three types. I was trying to figure out what was what and also trying to avoid getting into the group’s spotlight by being like, “HELLO, I’M BRITISH. I DON’T DRINK. I DON’T MEAT.” But then a slice was thrust onto my ‘plate’ (it was Winnie the Pooh (!)). I saw a mushroom and thought, “A-ok.” Bit in and there was this.. texture. Lordy, I’m retching just thinking about it. Anyway, this horrible, horrible texture in my mouth.. And that taste, that taste I remember from all those years ago. It was horrible. I chewed and chewed and tried slowly to digest it and to move towards the table to exchange my slice. I managed to give the slice to Ana and mention the word vegetarian to her and she exchanged. But I had to swallow it. Lordy.. Retching or what. I managed to suppress all the retchings at the time, but now I come to write about it, it’s horrible. My word.

And yes, if you want to know: my body is reacting. And I don’t like it. My stomach hurts. (Again, please don’t take me for one of those “OMGGGGGG” vegetarians please k).

Yesterday was a big first too. A big first, in that I spent almost the entire day speaking German. I only spoke English on the phone with my dad for a few minutes, occasionally on the phone to Marwood, maybe a quick Skype with Fay. No full-length conversations in English – but at all. And a helluva lot of German. Aminata and I went on a small wool excursion, walking from our house up through Neuenheim and into Handschuhsheim. The woman in that wool shop in HSHeim is really really nice.. She’s really chatty and friendly (unlike those in Wolle Rödel… Hmph) and offered me a student discount on a large amount of wool that I was poking. She also has the perfect colours(!) for Kate’s Pikachu Jumper in there! So I can definitely go and get that thing sorted. The red and the yellow are just so perfect against each other. Looking forward to that. She had the perfect, perfect blue for my jumper and a grey to match, but the blue that she had was the last ball she had of a discontinued colour. It’s so annoying. That kind of thing happens in the wool industry far too often. They just change colour lines. She showed me another line of wool (different texture), which had a nice blue and a beautiful grey and a yellow too, but I just didn’t like the blue enough to buy the thing there and then. I may well go up and have another poke around today. Speaking of.. I should remember to ask whether she accepts credit card or not. Etc.

Anway! I was chatting about language then got all tangential. Yeah. So Aminata and I went up north in search of wool and had yums together in a little eatery round the corner. Then we came back and I milled around at home. She came back and we had a bit more wool bant, then Torben came back and we all went to the local super-market together to get some essentials. I had to borrow a 2€ coin from Torben, cause I’m well poor. Bloody transfers. Why can’t it be immediate? Anyway. We all three of us mocked Ami’s pronunciation of the words Kirche and Kirsche, because, for some reason, she can’t quite say ‘rch’ properly. Anyway. That was fun. Afterwards, we started talking about words that get borrowed from English or something and Torben mentioned that the Tschermans (lol) used to say “corn-ed” for “corned” as in, corned beef. Which sounds like ‘cornered.’ I broke out in extreme giggles, because the imagery of cornering a beef was just too much. They loved it too. That was fun. Fabian drank apple juice out of a bowl, too. That was fun. That was some yummy apple juice, even if I couldn’t open it and had to go back to the shop and ask the woman (this was a veg shop, so she was a bit of a beefy) to open it for me. I told her she was mächtig, she agreed. I felt thoroughly emasculated.

What else has happened? Probs nothing. I’ll start writing the big list, cause that gets me remembering things:

knitted one of the green mits for Emir (an asked-for production), got asked to knit a little laptop cover for Ana for her birthday (which reminds me, I should ask Kerstin how she did hers, cause hers is loooovely!), got gradually nearer and nearer my birthday (tomorrow…), got invited to play online games with Aminata and her Japanese friends (German-speaking banter and putting my amazing computer to good use once again, having stopped playing games..), got the heating in my house fixed, but still haven’t got the blind sorted, continually managed to avoid going to IKEA, rediscovered Elgar’s cello concerto, saved Aminata from multiple knitting catastrophes (affectionately named “knit-mergencies”), flicked through a magazine that came for Janni, watched the STEFANEL catwalk video and loved lots of the stuff (, realised how camp liking fashion is, struggled further with homosexuality, ran entirely out of money and asked a woman in Penny Markt which of my cards would work at the checkout, only to be told in pointy and grunty German that only my German card would, failed to arrange anything concrete for my birthday other than knitting, failed to find/send anything to Jono; OH YEH, met two cool knitting girls on a train on the way to Würzburg last week and meant to blog about it – that’ll do though; spooned with Sophia and later had her stay at my house – bed-sharing yum, failed to buy extra sheets/towels, managed to find some replacement face wash, managed to sort out my timetable for lectures and stuff here and put it into some kind of order, but I’m probably taking too many courses (this will probably be detailed in quite some detail in days/weeks to come), realised I should blog more often, enjoyed writing these huge, huge lists of stuff I’ve done way too much.

Finished writing this entry.