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I’m a tea connoisseur, get me out of here!

June 23, 2010

So, the year abroad has improved me and changed me in ways undocumentable. But it’s ruined somethings too. One of those is my taste for tea.

For those of you who’ve ever had to make me tea, you might remember me being a bitch about it and insisting – sometimes rather rudely for the situation – that I make it myself. But what with all the coming here last August, being made ‘tea’ in restaurants and café (sometimes even tea that claimed to be English Breakfast Tea) and being disgusted by it, settling for tea made by until now unknown brands in Syria and so on, the delicacy of my taste buds has waned. And woe, woe is them!

Not even is it just that, but since then, I’ve started drinking tea at times I really, really wouldn’t have last year. Insisting, last year, on the tea ceremony staying a holy thing (often drinking it at around 10-12am after breakfast on those work days with Pol — I even converted Pol from a morning coffee drinker to a tea drinker! (perhaps I can’t take all the praise for that though…)) has gone flying out the window. Now, I find myself drinking tea all over the shop, sometimes two at a time, sometimes with… that is with my meal (what horror!) and even sometimes late into the night!

Luckily, though, it hasn’t spun too wildly out of control and I do still retain some of my former tea-drinking mores. For example, I don’t drink tea all day long (yet…) and I haven’t started drinking it as soon as I get up, like most of the British public do. So all is not lost.

I still hate coffee. And still enjoy the perfect cup of PG, brewed by my fair hand, but still…


Storms like at the very beginning…

June 6, 2010

It’s been super hot and clammy and sticky all day in Heidelberg and, as has seemed to be the custom this year (compared to last summer), a storm hit at around 7 this evening.

It wasn’t anywhere near as harsh as the one that hit two weeks ago (that one was sudden and cool) (not to say that this one wasn’t sudden…), but still, it was wonderful.

I was just walking back into my very, very bare and still deskless room (I bought a desk from Ikea a couple of weeks ago and have been lazy-pie since) with a cup of tea when it hit and my window was still wide open from the day’s heat. So I decided I’d lean out the window and let myself get wet and breathe in that stormy air.

My teacup started collecting rain water and I drank some. Metallic. Not recommended.

Leaning out of the window gave me this oddly tangible image of the house as a whole, like, from outside the house onto it, and how I was standing sorta in the mouth of a continually gasping building — the wind was pulling through the house with some force.

It was wonderful.

And I’m standing there and I blink and miss the lightning, but open my eyes just a fraction before the flash has gone so I know that there’s been a flash. And then that tense waiting before a crack — or maybe just a rumble this time? — to sound. The second one I missed gave a pretty nasty crack ofter to the east. So I stood there, defiant, and told the storm I wouldn’t miss the next flash. But as I waited for the next flash, the wind changed direction and started blowing the by now pretty heavy rain into my room and onto my back (which tickled). So I took some more deep breaths in and smiled once more up at the rain and the sky and closed the window.

And toweled down my face and head.

Going out into storms is muchos recommended.