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Remember “etwas Leckeres”

January 15, 2010

Daniel walks into Göbes, a bakery round the corner from his house. He stands looking at the counter, having previously been greeted by pretty much ever member of staff in the place.

“Was darf’s sein?” (What can I get you?)

“Hmmm. Ich möchte ‘was Leckeres.” (Hmm. I’d like something yummy)

“Dann sind Sie bei uns richtig! Wie lecker soll’s sein?” (Then you’re in the right place! How yummy?)

laughing “Am leckersten.” (The yummiest)

“Hmm. Persönlich denk ich dieses ist heute sehr lecker. Davon kann ich Ihnen ne Scheibe geben, wenn Sie möchten?” (Hmm, I think this is very tasty today. I can give you a slice of that, if you’d like?)

“Dann nehm ich den. Auf Ihre Empfehlung!” (Ok, then I’ll take that. On your recommendation!)

“Ja! Es ist lecker. Aber nur wenn man sowas mag.” … “Ein Euro sechzig.” (Yep. It’s delicious. But only if you like that kind of thing … €1.60)

Daniel leaves.

Banter with women in bakeries. Good work. Turns out, it wasn’t that delicious. It’s a nice bakery though. And only just around the corner.

In other news: I’m in waiting-for-a-camera hell. That’s all.